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Things You Will Need

How to Play
Have everyone stand in a circle and then all at the same time strike a pose like a Ninja. One person goes
at a time and pick a direction clock or counterclockwise. Basically the person whose turn it is will try to
touch/hit the hand of another person with their hand all in one motion. The person they are trying to
attack can make only one motion to move out of the way. Both the attacker and one being attacked must
freeze at the end of their motion until its their turn again. Play until 1 is left.

The Ninja War - PDF

Things You Will Need
A glass of water

How to Play
All this requires is a glass of water. Secretly show a volunteer the name of a well-known song or tune. It
can be a chart song, worship song, nursery rhyme, etc. Have the volunteer take a mouthful of water and
gargle the tune while others try to guess what song it is. This can result in some hilarious water-comingout-
the-nose episodes.

Guess the Gargle - PDF

Things You Will Need
CD player or MP3 player
A play list of various songs (your choice)
Optional: A YouTube video of the game show “Name That Tune”

How to Play
As a way to bank on your students' love of music, pull four students up front to play a modern version of
"Name that Tune." Explain to the two teams the specific category, such as "duets or bands." The starting
team would then say, "we can name that tune in four mp3 counts." Play the song for the challenged time.
If they are unable to name it, the other team can steal with or without hearing more counts.

Since our students are not as “enlightened” (translated as old) as those of us who have seen the original
"Name the Tune," it would be great for you to locate a short clip from the original show on YouTube in
order to introduce the game.

Name That Tune - PDF