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Things You Will Need
Trash bags
Bowl of ketchup
Bowl of mustard
Bandannas for flags

How to Play
Split your students into two teams [red team/yellow team]. If you would like to add more teams you can, but you need to add other different colored food products (green-relish, blue-grape jelly). Give each student a trash bag and have them make a hole for their heads. Then have them put it on to protect their clothes.

Send both teams to opposite ends of a large field and have them tie their flag (bandanna) around something or place it on a stake in the ground. They will need to carry with them the marshmallows and ketchup and mustard (depending on what team color they are).

The object is like capture the flag. Each student is trying to capture the flag of their opponent without getting hit with a paintball (a paintball is a marshmallow dipped in the team’s color. Ex: red= ketchup). Once a student captures the flag without being hit with a paintball, that team wins. This game is perfect for a summer camp. Enjoy!

Marshmallow Paintball - PDF

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