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By Emma Musto
Clarks Summit UMC

Getting ready to travel to a foreign country is not easy, but thanks to churches in our conference I was able to get everything I needed to go.
We arrived in Beijing in two separate groups. When the second half of us arrived in Beijing we went straight to bed after long plane rides. The next morning when we all met each other we all bonded quickly. I was very lucky to have our conference’s Bishop with us, Bishop Jane Allen Middleton. While we were in China we visited churches, schools, YMCAs, families, and tourist attractions.

Going on a Mission of Peace is not necessarily the easiest thing you can do. You see a lot of things that scare you. You also talk to people
that when they tell you about their life all you can do is cry. However, going on this trip changed my life. I don’t take many things for granted anymore. It was winter in China when I was there and they have no heat in their churches or in their houses or in their schools. I learned that we are lucky here because we have only 6 hours of school a day. In China, they have school from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. all week. While I was there I saw God in so many things and in so many people everywhere. I looked I saw God. But most important about this trip was figuring out the most important thing you can say to someone, “God Loves YOU”.

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