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By: Emma Musto

     Sky Lake is, to me, the most beautiful place on earth. Nestled in the Tuscarora Mountains, Sky Lake is a refuge for many. There is something peaceful and life changing about this place. You can sit on the deck of Founder’s Lodge in an Adirondack Chair and stare at and wonder at the beauty of the lake or you take a walk around the lake and visit the Lakeside Tryst (see photo) and feel closer to God and all the amazing things that he does and has created.

     I have been going to Sky Lake since I have been 8 years old. It started out as a Try Camp Weekend of two days with friends and I fell in love. I came home from camp all excited and ready to do it again, and I have been doing it again for 11 years. I have attended Music Camp, Senior High Camp, and Drama Camp. There is nothing on earth better than singing in a concert at the end of a week at music camp with Sky Lake in the background. God is truly at work in this place. Senior High camp is a chance to meet new friends, have the greatest counselors in the world and make lifetime connections that will change you forever.

     Last year I started a new adventure at Sky Lake. I became a Special Needs Assistant Personnel (SNAP). What an awesome experience. You spend a week working with special needs campers. These campers are the most amazing people ever. They all have something that makes them different, no, that makes them special. They touch your heart with how happy they are, how they love with their whole hearts and just want someone to love them back. I loved this so much that I now know that I want to work with special needs kids when I grow up.

     I have made my best friends at Sky Lake--people who have changed my life forever, people who support you, don’t judge you, people that just love you for who you are. I have found that at Sky Lake it is okay to just be you, no matter who you are.

     Sky Lake is beautiful in the winter during a snow storm, beautiful during a thunderstorm, beautiful with the leaves changing and the majesty of all the colors of fall. Sky Lake is just beautiful; God is definitely at work here.

     I count the days until my next visit to Sky Lake. I have found more and more reasons to be there during the year. But the summer is definitely my favorite time there. And when my summer at Sky Lake comes to an end, whether it has been one week or eight, I am always sad. My brother always starts a countdown when I get in the car to see how long it will be before I start to cry. This year, I didn’t even get out of the driveway by the office, a total of ten seconds. This place affects me, and almost everyone who comes here, in so many positive ways. God is Good!!!!

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