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By: Evanmichael Drexler
Fishburn UMC, Hershey, PA

Last July I was thrilled to be a participant in our conference’s Youth Leadership Camp. It was an experience that changed the lives of all who participated.
I and 15 other anxious youth spent 4 days at our conference’s beautiful camp Wesley Forest, cut off from our families, our friends, and our cell phones.
It gave us the opportunity to step away from the world and truly examine what God may be calling us to do in our churches, and our communities. It also was
an opportunity to examine who we were in Christ, and most of all, what it means to be a leader.

We had a brilliant team of counselors and an excellent set of speakers, from Kris Sledge to the Bishop herself, who taught lessons on topics such as problem solving and servant leadership. But one of the greatest parts of the experience was the closeness and camaraderie we began to feel as a group. There we were, 16 more or less strangers suddenly thrust together for several days; days in which we became a team of friends who were able to unite and accomplish seemingly impossible tasks, overcoming almost insurmountable obstacles. It was truly a Godly experience,
and the lessons learned on those days will never be forgotten.

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