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Interview by Dane Barhite
Clifford United Methodist Church
Editing by Emma Musto

At the YPMC Retreat in January 2011,
Dane Barhite from Clifford Twp sat down with
Warren Bevacqua, Director, Young Peoples Ministries and Christian Education, and asked him some questions.

Dane: When did you know that you had a calling to serve God?
Warren: I got my call when I was a sophomore in college. My local church pastor told me I
would be a pastor and I laughed him off. He came to my ordination and he said: “I told you so”.

Dane: What made you decide to work with youth?
Warren: I always enjoyed working with youth. My first job was as a youth director. I have
always been drawn to work with youth. Youth are more open to trying something new and to thinking outside the box.

Dane: What is the most challenging part of working with us?
Warren: The challenging part is communication and commitment. If you are going to be a
leader you have to be prepared and be there.

Dane: What is the most rewarding part of working with us?
Warren: Watching young people grow into the leadership roles and growing into adults.

Dane: How has your job changed since the new conference was created?
Warren: It’s changed in the fact that the areas that I am now responsible for: Christian
education, youth ministry and adult ministry.

Dane: What do you think the church needs to do to get more youth excited about their faith?
Warren: I think we need more sensitivity to youth and to make the church more youth friendly.

Dane: What would you say to a youth who came to you and said they had a calling?
Warren: I would first pray with them. Then I would ask them why they were called by God.
And what are they feel they are being called to do?

Dane: What kind of programs do you think the conference needs to offer to the youth that they do not already have?
Warren: A major mission event. My dream is to have a major mission trip for one or two of
them with a full bus load of youth to participate.

Dane: Young adults, kids who have gone off to college or have jobs could be awesome role models for us. What can the church do to keep them coming back to work with them?
Warren: We have to be friendlier if we want the youth and adults to want to come back. The leadership of the church is getting old. We need to reach out to the young adults.

Dane: What kinds of things do you do every day to strengthen your faith?
Warren: I try to pray every day. I keep a spiritual blog and I try to attend worship every week.

Dane: What kind of things do you do every day to show your faith?
Warren: I try to show compassion and love and generosity and try not to pass judgment on people.

Dane: What are your feelings on becoming a daddy?
Warren: I am super duper doggone excited about being a daddy. I see it as the best thing that could ever happen to me and I am going to raise her to be a Christian with my wife!!!!

Favorite color: Dark Blue
Gets highlights in his hair
Has a rare disease that is hereditary
Cross stitches
Did not start dating till I was in college
Warren is a scardey pants when it comes to girls and is afraid of them
Married for 12 years and will have his first child in 2011
His least favorite question is about his call in to ministry

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