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Authentic Space is a video resource
created by the Young People's
Ministry to equip local congregations
to engage young adults in meaningful
conversation and inspire faithful
young adult ministry. 


Part 1: Get the Conversation Started

Part 2: Statistics and Challenges

Part 3: Box Cutters

Part 4: Relationships Open Doors

Part 5: Worshipping a Creative God

Part 6: Making Rooted Disciples

Generation Transformation: This Global Ministries initiative increases opportunities for young adults to engage in mission throughout the connection. That includes supporting mission service within The United Methodist Church and Global Ministries’ flagship programs for young adults. These Global Ministries programs include Global Mission Fellows (long-term mission), Global Justice Volunteers (short-term mission), and Individual Volunteers (flexible mission service from two months to two years). Order copies of the Generation Transformation brochure now or watch a video to learn more.

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